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Shoulder pain is a demanding small niche in the market that no one thinks of much. If you think about it, the shoulder joint is used every single day through our activities of daily living such as brushing your teeth, doing your hair, lifting your children, the list goes on and on. Most traditional medical treatments out there today are cortisone injections, addictive opioids, and surgery.

Having a program designed to treat shoulder pain and frozen shoulder to get these people’s lives back not only will make you the “Go-To Clinic”, but it will create a dramatic increase in new patients through the door and also give you the ability to add the shoulder solution to patients that may have come to you for other ailments.

With our shoulder pain niche clinical business model, you are able to streamline your acquisition process through automation, push clinical care at home, allowing you to work on the business and not in it.

Our hybrid at-home/in-clinic program that is serviced over a few visits in the practice and the rest at home has the ability to get patients better while still charging premium case fees for clinical results.

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