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Chiropractic & decompression are lucrative niches when set up properly. Degenerative joint disease is at the top of the list for marketing conditions in any market. Why is that? Because when we are talking about the spine, it’s one of the most used system of joints in the entire body.

In a typical chiropractic & decompression practice the doctor has the responsibility to deliver the seminar, consultation education, report of findings education, and patient on-going education with a patient. That’s a lot of time and energy! The key is practice automation. With the Blueprint to Practice Automation™ platform we have an automated seminar & consultation education, and report of findings, delivering a perfect message every time while putting the processes on auto-pilot –  saving both time & energy.

By enrolling your patient into our automated patient management system for either chiropractic or decompression, you are keeping your patients engaged and happy throughout care, helping with retention rate and referrals.

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