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Metabolic Conditions

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Now, more than ever, people are looking for solutions for their health condition, and it’s not with their conventional medical provider. By the time a person pays their deductible, copays, the specialist cost, and then the prescription, they have spent a good amount of money with no solution. With leaky gut leading the pack, thyroid issues, digestive problems, fibromyalgia, diabetes, heart disease, auto-immune, celiac, all are derived from the same underlying program and the TYPICAL drug smorgasbord isn’t working.

Adding metabolic and lifestyle solutions can and will flood your practice. Our formulators and functional medicine experts have designed a program that requires ZERO labs with innovative home re-testing techniques, that empower the patient through their journey.

Through practice automation acquisition processes, you are able to provide patients with high value, lucrative solutions while your team educates through video automation while managing the patient online with our HIPPA compliant patient management software.

Imagine having an automated system that allows you to combine a metabolic component to any type of patient. With a step-by-step training process you will learn how to connect the patient’s leaky gut to the patient’s leading problem, allowing you to increase your case fees, combine niches, increase revenue all while working less.

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