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Despite being an abundance of resources and information on fibromyalgia, up to 10 million Americans a year claim to find that most doctors still are not as knowledgeable about the condition. After completing a series of tests with no diagnosis, most doctors wrongly conclude that an individual‘s fibromyalgia symptoms aren’t real or blame them on depression, stress, anxiety or just say the symptoms are in their head.

Any fibromyalgia patient will tell you that they have one main goal and that is to manage pain and improve their quality of life.

With our practice automation process you will be able to offer a clinical solution with a hybrid model to provide the fibromyalgia patient with a high value solution. This will flood your practice with new patients because of the lack of answers from the medical community on fibromyalgia.

By adding our fibromyalgia niche you’ll be able to give these patients answers quickly by utilizing our program that has been designed to support Fibromyalgia Syndrome through home testing techniques, nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle solutions that will guide the patient to help cope with their pain, relieve their symptoms and improve their quality of life.

Our practice automation model will provide the patient with the ability to treat themselves through education, supplementation, and have the ability for follow-up from your office all in the privacy of their home. This will take the stress and strain off of your patient, your time, your energy, your schedule and your practice. 

Just think you could have an automated system that allows you to manage your patient by providing a step-by-step protocol to help with their fibromyalgia, which in turn will help you increase your case fees, and provide a system and solution for your staff to provide care for these patients in office and online with our HIPPA compliant patient management software.

Be the answer in your community for fibromyalgia.

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