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Dr. Aaron Gumm D.C. has owned and operated lucrative wellness clinics and multi-disciplinary clinics. He has taught over 500 doctors across the country on how to automate their practices. 

He is also an author, Practice Automation Expert, National Speaker and the CEO of Blueprint to Practice Automation™. Having owned and operated a few different clinics, Dr. Gumm saw the weaknesses in the healthcare business models.
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Blueprint to Practice Automation™ was founded on the frustrations of the typical practice and practice management group.

I was always told that to be successful you had to see more people, work harder, have more staff, and be a slave to your practice. After building a successful high volume clinic seeing thousands of people then transitioning into an insurance dependent million-dollar multi-disciplinary clinic.... I decided to beat the system. In our program, you will find the infrastructure to operating an automated clinic saving extreme time & energy, allowing you to collect more, while working less. Inside this platform are done-for-you niche specific programs powered by entrepreneurship training, practice automation training, graded staff training, accountability systems, as well as on-going one-on-one and group training. . Our team at Blueprint to Practice Automation looks forward to working with you and seeing your success and making an impact in your community.

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Learn how you can automate your practice and collect more money with less staff, less time, with better patient care.

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