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More Doctor Feedback on our Practice Automation Program

900% Growth

Dr. Corey Hennessey

Coming into Blueprint to Practice Automation, I was only seeing chiropractic patients. The only way I could increase my revenue was to see a lot more chiropractic patients. I could tell you exactly what I’d make that month, but $1,000. It was a learning curve at first, but since we started, we have 10x our impact and help so many more patients in our community.

326% Growth

Dr. James Harding III

Coming into Blueprint to Practice Automation, we saw a lot of chiropractic patients. Since then, we have added neuropathy and body contouring and elevated our chiropractic services. We’ve done about four times what we normally would do in collections, which I never thought could happen, and we are helping a lot of people with different conditions. I was a little stubborn, and it was hard for me to get out of my own way. My background is in sales and marketing, so I was a little slow to fully jump on board. But as my wife and I did, we got obsessed with it.

975% Growth

Dr. Stefan Getzik

My name is Dr. Stefan Getz. I started using the blueprint because I wanted to do something different from any other chiropractor in my area. Everything that goes into the blueprint that they do for us is there to make our lives better and make our patients’ lives better. I was getting tired and burnt out, and it’s made life a lot easier. It’s made my practice boom to the point where we were able to bring in other doctors and more patients. We have more systems in place now because of BPA, and the clinical results are amazing!

212% Growth

Dr. Lim Hoon

This year, we are celebrating 37 years in practice, and since we joined BPA, we set the highest-ever monthly collection record of $250,000. Before BPA, I was doing all the adjusting, and my son said, “Dad, you’re the bottleneck!” Our practice is now expanding, and I’ve stopped doing all the work. I learned how to delegate. Increasing our revenue allowed us to hire an associate doctor, and I practically don’t adjust anymore. I just focus on day one and day two, which I never did before BPA. I have more free time, and in between day one and day two, I have more free time to work on the business and the practice. I highly recommend it, so I wish all of you the best, and BPA is the way to go.

560% Growth

Dr. Brian Prax

When I first joined, we were doing about $50,000 per month. This month, we’re on track to do about $330,000. I’m the CEO, with no chiropractic experience, and I took over when we were at $73,000 per month. I don’t have any business experience. I actually dropped out of college and started implementing some of the things that we have here. It’s laid out in a way that is a blueprint that you can easily follow. They already have the videos and pamphlets that you can use to train yourself and your patients. This has allowed me to have a gateway into the best way to service our patients with a program that has over a 90 percent success rate. We continue to grow by focusing on processes and systems, which has proven to be extremely beneficial. The network, the family, and the community that the blueprint has created have allowed me to have a much greater impact in our community. Being able to help my parents get out of the things they don’t want to do, so they can phase into retirement, doing more of what they love while still impacting many people.

100% practice growth

Dr. Josiah Fitzsimmons

When I started Blueprint to Practice Automation™ we were helping our community with chiropractic. We were seeing 1000 patient visits per week. I wanted to double or triple my practice revenue but not by doubling our patient visits. Since I started, I’ve doubled our practice by adding 200k in collections with Neuropathy while still seeing 1000 patients /week. We have hit 600k per month and a goal of 1 million per month as we add more niches. We are helping more people in our community and I haven’t even got to the other niches.

460% Growth (Dropped to 2 days a week)

Dr. Allen Unruh DC

The rewards of what we do with the Blueprint company, changing people’s lives from within out, are indescribable. It’s using technology now to educate people where we wouldn’t have the time to do it otherwise. And this is the way of the future, using virtual education for all of our patients and training them on what they need to do at home. 90% of the treatment people can do at home. That’s what’s exciting. We teach them how to get well and stay well. I’m from the old school, I’ve been in practice 50 years, I was always searching for a way that I could make the income that I needed without treating a hundred people a day. I don’t believe in assembly-line healthcare. And then the insurance work, where you have to fill out five hours of insurance work two or three times a week. I work 2 days a week and collect over 200k a month. It allows me to do my charity work and still make a great living.

566% Growth

Dr. Caz Goodman DC

Been in Blueprint over a year and we’re approaching almost having tripled the practice. So, when we started Blueprint, we were at about 30,000 a month and now we are consistently over 100k with our best month at 200k, and helping a lot of people. The best thing is that they don’t have to come to the office but a few times. The automation has allowed me to stop having to spend time late at the office doing doctor’s reports and spending less time in the ROF. I’ve probably done 10 different consultants and masterminds over the years, and none of them even came close to tripling my practice. It’s a small amount of money for the return that you’re going to get from it. Blueprint coaching is phenomenal. The docs are the real deal. These guys have done it and they are there to help us do it ourselves.

733% Growth

Dr. Jeremy Maass DC

When we started with Blueprint to Practice Automation™, we were between 30-40k per month in collections helping a lot of people with chiropractic. We first added the metabolic programs and shot up to 70k in 30 days. We were able to help our patients on a deeper level with their metabolic challenges. Once we started combing niches and adding neuropathy, we hit 250k in collections. I’m grateful for the blueprint team to help us help more people in our community.

766% Growth

Dr. Ole Olson DC

Last year our average collections were about $36,000 per month. This year, we had our greatest collection ever at 312k. Life before Blueprint was struggling month-to-month, or just getting by, never really having any extra money in the bank. The Blueprint coaching has been essential for me as… Even through my chiropractic training and different coaching groups that I’ve used I still was missing the connection with patients, and through the training I received at Blueprint it’s turned 180 on all of our connections in the office.

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