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Weight Loss & Keto

BY: Aaron Gumm
POSTED November 17, 2020 IN
Niche Specialties

This is pretty much a no-brainer here, but I find that very few practitioners offer a weight loss solution for their patients. We often hear “It’s not worth the time and investment for as much time and energy it takes to manage”.  Weight loss takes a lot of time when using the wrong systems for small financial reward vs the time spent.

Look no further with our weight loss & keto programs…

When creating a customized weight loss program involving lifestyle, food management and supplementation you have to look at long-term solutions and systems. Most people fail with the weight loss model because they have no system to follow. With the Blueprint to Weight Loss automated program you will have access to our automated weight loss plan, our automated keto plan, along with ancillary work-out programs with video description, allowing your patients to have an automated nutritionist and personal trainer virtually – without the cost to you!

Through practice automation systems and strategies you are able to provide your patients with a weight loss solution with ease. You can add weight loss to other niches, sell the program separately, and manage the patient all online with our HIPPA compliant patient management software saving you time and energy while charging lucrative case fees for a high value service.

Imagine having an automated system that allows you to combine a metabolic component to your patient’s structure problems. A step-by-step training process teaching you how to increase your case fees by connecting the patient’s BMI to their structural problem allowing you to increase your case fees!

“The number one cause of joint degeneration is obesity. Every pound you are overweight, puts 4 pounds of pressure on your weight bearing joints.” Mayo Clinic

Dr. Aaron Gumm D.C. has owned and operated lucrative wellness clinics and multi-disciplinary clinics. He has taught over 500 doctors across the country on how to automate their practices. He is also an author, Practice Automation Expert, National Speaker and the CEO of Blueprint to Practice Automation™. Having owned and operated a few different clinics, Dr. Gumm saw the weaknesses in the healthcare business models.
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