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Featured in: Entrepreneur, Forbess, Yahoo Finance, USA Today Thrive Global

Jeremy will be covering how to obliterate & avoid objections that come up in your patient acquisition process in your practice.

Becoming a problem finder and solver, not just a product pusher is the most powerful approach to successful selling. Jeremy Miner embodies this philosophy and has achieved immense wealth as a top sales professional. Over a 17-year sales career, Jeremy stood out in the direct selling industry, ranking 45th among 108 million salespeople globally, consistently earning seven figures annually through commission-based sales.

His company, 7th Level, has been recognized for its exceptional growth, ranking as the #1 fastest-growing sales training company in the US for two consecutive years on INC magazine’s INC 5000 list. It was also named one of the top 10 sales training companies in the world by Selling Power Magazine in 2022.

Jeremy’s unique sales training approach integrates behavioral science and human psychology into the sales process, stemming from his in-depth studies at Utah Valley University. 7th Level has empowered 459,000 salespeople across 158 industries to dramatically increase their sales results, achieving 3x, 5x, and even 10x improvements.

Jeremy’s expertise is widely recognized, with contributions to INC magazine and features in prestigious publications like Forbes, USA Today, Entrepreneur, and the Wall Street Journal, focusing on sales, persuasion, and the psychological aspects of buying.

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