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Sick of Being the Bottleneck?

Learn How Practice Automation Can Free You

A Simple 15 Minute Phone Call Is The First Step To Gaining Back Your Freedom WHILE Collecting More AND Providing Best-In-Class Patient Care

I’m Dr. Aaron Gumm, founder of Blueprint To Practice Automation, and I understand the feeling of frustration that comes with being the bottleneck in a chiropractic practice…because I was the bottleneck in mine for TOO LONG.

  • I thought if I wasn’t doing the Seminar, Day1, & DAY 2, patients wouldn’t return because they wouldn’t understand the real value of our treatment protocols
  • I thought if I wasn’t seeing patients in the office regularly, they wouldn’t get the results I knew they could achieve
  • I thought if I wasn’t seeing 500+ patients a week, the collections side of the business would fall short of our goals
These beliefs caused me to sacrifice all of my freedoms for the sake of the practice, which led me to resenting my patients and staff, which led me to questioning whether I really wanted to be a doctor at all.

But thankfully I proved to myself that these beliefs were 100% wrong.

There are THOUSANDS of practices out there that are leveraging the power of practice automation to:

  • Provide best-in-class care to their patients
  • While collecting more than they ever thought possible
  • And allowing the doctor to still have freedom to enjoy their life AND helping patients on their terms

And we’d love to share HOW it works.

On our 15 minute strategy call (that’s all about teaching, NOT selling):
You'll learn how you can collect the same amount in 1/3 of the time using one simple strategyYou'll learn about three (3) key areas you can automate your practice (and free up your time!)You'll learn the A-Z practice automation clinical process & strategy that can TRIPLE your practiceYou'll learn how you can pay for your entire automation investment in just a few patientsYou'll learn a simple strategy to leverage your existing customer base & increase revenue by 30%!You won't have to deal with someone trying to sell you anything

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If you’re tired of feeling like the bottleneck in your practice and want to take back your freedom while still providing best-in-class care AND collecting more, book your strategy call NOW.
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