Want To Experience The Power Of Practice Automation? Live? For Free?

The #1 reason most chiropractors tell us they haven’t joined Blueprint is:
“I get the concept of practice automation…I just don’t know how to make it work for me.”
We get it. You have a TON on your plate.
Between treating patients, running a practice, managing employees, and trying to have some semblance of personal life, it can be hard to make time to watch our practice automation training.
So we’ve created a new way for you to actually EXPERIENCE the power of practice automation…live…and for free.

What Is It?

Every year we put on an event called EMX where we get together with our doctors and their teams and share the latest and greatest things happening in practice automation.

What Happens At EMX?

We talk about anything and everything that has to deal with practice automation and helping our doctors accelerate the growth of their practices.

Here’s a video breaking down what will be happening at the event this June.

As you can see, there is a MASSIVE amount of value that you’d get by attending this event.

When Is It?

This year it’s happening on June 9th & 10th in San Diego


What Does It Cost To Attend?

Our doctors pay THOUSANDS of dollars to attend this event…and they’re glad to do it because they’ve EXPERIENCED the power of practice automation.

But you haven’t…

And that’s exactly why we want you to join us for FREE.

If you’re open to letting us open your eyes to the power of practice automation, we’ll give you a ticket that normally costs $1,697 for FREE.

How Do You Claim Your Ticket?

We’re only giving out FIVE free tickets so here’s the process for you to get one:

  1. Fill in the form below
  2. If you’re selected, our team will reach out
  3. We’ll see you in San Diego

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