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Small Change, Big Impact Case Study Combo

How he grew collections $3.5M while only increasing visits by 9% PLUS our 35-page case study handbook

Here's A Preview Of What's Inside:

Where He Started

You'll learn the challenges Dr. Josiah faced when starting to program (the biggest was lack of space to offer more services)

What His Process Was Like

You'll see how we transformed the way Dr. Fitzsimmons thought about how to grow his practice WITHOUT needing more room

Where He Ended

You'll see how he was able to grow his annual collections by $3.5M by only adding 9% more visits

See How Dr. Fitzsimmons Was Able To Grow Without Needing More Space

Get all of the details behind Dr. Fitzsimmon's story in the case study PLUS get 35 pages of additional case studies

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