One of the biggest compliments is when someone wants to send Blueprint to Practice Automation a referral. We are here to serve you. - Dr. Aaron Gumm


The New 20 Hour-Week,
7 Figure "Automated Practice" Model

How to Work Less & While Collecting More

(50k-100k More Per Month)

With “Plug-And-Play” Practice Automation

We help Doctors Save Extreme Time & Energy...
While Increasing Your Monthly Collections By 50-100k...
While Working Less Through Practice Automation



Automate Your Practice

Step-by-Step automated cash programs to simplify your practice

Collect More Money

Save yourself, time, energy, money, systematically, while increasing collections by 40-100%

Better Patient Care

Only see the patient 0-8 times throughout patient care. 75% of the clinical treating and educating has been automated for the patient.

Done For You

Automate your seminar, consultation, report of finding, and patient curriculums. All done for you with no guess work!

Time Saved

with Practice Automation:
0 + Hours/Mo

Life Benefits with

Practice Automation:


Saving Doctors Time & Energy, Increasing Collections, While Working Less Through Practice Automation Strategies

Blueprint to Practice Automation

The New Model for The Future of Healthcare

Dr. Aaron Gumm D.C. , along with his team have taken Blueprint to Practice Automation to one of the fastest growing companies in America, while making the Inc. 500 list.  His team has taught over 500  doctors across the country on how to automated their practices. Dr. Gumm is also an author, Practice Automation Expert, National Speaker and the CEO of Blueprint to Practice Automation. Having owned and operated a few different clinics, Dr. Gumm saw the weaknesses in the healthcare business models.

Blueprint to Practice Automation was founded on the frustrations of the typical practice and practice management group.

I was always told that to be successful you had see more people, work harder, have more staff, and be chained  to your practice. After building a successful high volume clinic seeing thousands of people then transitioning into a insurance dependant million-dollar multi-disciplinary clinic…. I decided to beat the antiquated systems.

Blueprint to Practice Automation provides doctors with Fully Automated Clinical Programs and Entrepreneur Training supported by 1-on-1 Coaching, High-touch Customer Service, and a Peer Collaboration Community. Doctors save time and energy, work less, and increase their collections while evolving their practice for tomorrow and touching people’s lives. 

Our team at Blueprint to Practice Automation looks forward to working with you and seeing your success and making an impact in your community.

Blueprint to Practice Automation Testimonials


Real RESULTS: Text Messages From Actual Clients

More Doctor Feedback on our Practice Automation Program

Dr. Chris Zaino dives into Blueprint to Practice Automation and hits 6 figures within weeks

Dr. Chris Zaino, D.C.

“I’ve tried to adding multiple programs to my very busy chiropractic practice and it always was a distraction. Blueprint to Practice Automation is different! The program is solid, the coaches are awesome, and more importantly my staff runs the entire process.”

With automated systems we were able to hit a 30k week!

Dr. Bill Lewis, D.C.

"Even though I’ve been treating neuropathy for several years before joining Blueprint to Pracitce Automation it was the system of automation allowing me to see more people easier. The mindset training, communication training is what help increase my close rate and gave me confidence to increase my fees 3x since joining. Next step is virtual!

We collected more in two months than we did the entire last year

Dr. Robert Abraham, DC

"I was new out of school and had bought a failed practice with 2 active patients. With a lot of hard work we built it up to 15k/month. I needed something new with systems. That's when I found Blueprint to Practice Automation. Since then we have hit the 100k per month club working 4 days a week with less stress and better systems! More importantly, our patients get great results. We are excited for the future!"

Blueprint has revolutionized our practice

Dr. Craig McGiffin, D.C.

"We have tripled our practice since Blueprint to Practice Automation. I've done every program and consulting company under the sun with a little success here and there but nothing like this. It's been a game changer for us. We are collecting more money, helping more people, getting better results, and we are working less while doing it. It has revoltionized our practice."

Allowed me to scale my practice to new levels of collections!

Dr. Brian Prax, D.C.

"Blueprint to Practice is cutting-edge, they are great company. It’s allowed me to scale my practice to new levels of collections, organization, and patient visit capacity by automating patient pre & post education. This has allowed me to step out and work on my business instead of inside of it all the time. Their drop ship model for patient care is amazing. I’m excited to continue to reach new heights in our practice and getting looking at their virtual options."

Looked at pretty much all the programs on the market, this is truly “plug and play”

Dr. Jason Maggio, D.C.

"I’ve been practicing for 10 years and have looked at pretty much all the programs on the market The difference between Blueprint to Practice Automation and others is that they actually are “plug and play”. Most groups are selling concepts and you still have to go do all the work. Not with this program. We are using their automated weight loss, chiropractic seminar & ROF, and neuropathy. I had the ability to hand over my entire weight loss program to my staff now and we did 25k our first month. Not to mention all the staff training & entrepreneur training virtual tools they supply you with. We are excited…it’s a new way to practicing and I’ll never go back to my old ways."

We tripled our practice with Blueprint to Practice Automation

Dr. Clint Freeman, D.C.

"Blueprint to Practice Automation is way ahead of the curve. We ran a successful chiropractic practice prior to Blueprint to Practice Automation that involved alot of time & energy. Since Blueprint we have tripled our practice, we are working less, and more importantly helping people in our community with chronic conditions. The automation is key!

The Blueprint team cares about you, and the success of your patients!

Dr. Carmen Keith, M.D.

"I am a double-boarded anesthesologist, pain managment physician. I have been in the hospital-based healthcare model for nearly a decade as a pain managment physcian. I became burnt out and tired of being part of a system that I had more difficulty helping people truly get better. With the help of Blueprint to Practice Automation, I increased collections by 95k six months in a row growing by 200%. No longer am I tied to the mandates of the care from insurnaces. I can spend my time being a doctor I trained to be. Blueprint to Practice Automation has been a blessing to my practice. "

They make it so easy.

Dr. Bob Armstong, D.C.

"Blueprint to Practice Automation has transformed my practice. They make it so easy. The videos do all the work for you. I have broken collection records over and over again with Blueprint"

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