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Hi, I’m Dr. Aaron Gumm, founder of BluePrint To Practice Automation. We help doctors save time & energy with our breakthrough practice system:

The 20-hour work week, 7-figure Your Automated Practice™ model.

After helping hundreds of practices grow from tens-of-thousands in revenue to tens-of-MILLIONS in revenue, we did a deep dive on one of these practices. We selected a practice that showed an average revenue increase (not even close to the highest increase) to use as our example, and compiled all of our research into a single convenient resource — for free!

And we want to share this information with other practices so you can do the same!

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In your free Practice Case Study PDF, we’ll take a detailed look at each of The 5 Stages Of Healthy Growth that our example practice followed to 5X their monthly revenue:

Stage #1: Automation

Stage #2: Replication

Stage #3: Scaling

Stage #4: Acceleration

Stage #5: Freedom

By examining these 8 strategic principles, we’ll guide you through building a rockstar team of passionate individuals who share a common vision, possess diverse skills, and work synergistically to propel your practice to new heights.

And we’re literally giving it away – so you’ve got nothing to lose and so much free time to gain.


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