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When I first joined, we were doing about $50,000 per month. This month, we’re on track to do about $330,000. I’m the CEO, with no chiropractic experience, and I took over when we were at $73,000 per month. I don’t have any business experience. I actually dropped out of college and started implementing some of the things that we have here. It’s laid out in a way that is a blueprint that you can easily follow. They already have the videos and pamphlets that you can use to train yourself and your patients. This has allowed me to have a gateway into the best way to service our patients with a program that has over a 90 percent success rate. We continue to grow by focusing on processes and systems, which has proven to be extremely beneficial. The network, the family, and the community that the blueprint has created have allowed me to have a much greater impact in our community. Being able to help my parents get out of the things they don’t want to do, so they can phase into retirement, doing more of what they love while still impacting many people.

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