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The rewards of what we do with the Blueprint company, changing people’s lives from within out, are indescribable. It’s using technology now to educate people where we wouldn’t have the time to do it otherwise. And this is the way of the future, using virtual education for all of our patients and training them on what they need to do at home. 90% of the treatment people can do at home. That’s what’s exciting. We teach them how to get well and stay well. I’m from the old school, I’ve been in practice 50 years, I was always searching for a way that I could make the income that I needed without treating a hundred people a day. I don’t believe in assembly-line healthcare. And then the insurance work, where you have to fill out five hours of insurance work two or three times a week. I work 2 days a week and collect over 200k a month. It allows me to do my charity work and still make a great living.

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