Since 1988, Mark Yuzuik has performed over 10,000 hypnosis shows to an audience of more than 5 million people across the U.S., Canada, Australia, and South America.
Mark’s extensive study of human behavior over the past 3 decades has given him the ability to understand why people do the things they do – and how to instantly interrupt the negative thoughts, habits, or actions that prevent people from living their true greatness.

Mark explains that he doesn’t fix behavior problems. Rather, he fixes what caused the problems in the first place. “The actions that someone takes are based on their past and the meaning they give it.”

Understanding how to interrupt someone’s current negative patterns and get them on the right path is exactly what Mark has done for decades.

“No one wants to procrastinate, have fear, be overweight, have a lack of confidence or even continue to be a smoker, but they just don’t know what other choices they have or how to take the right action,” Mark states.

Mark breaks through their negative subconscious patterns and beliefs and demonstrates how to make a positive contribution to society and assist others that are in the same situation.

Mark says, “All people want in life is to be happy, accepted, and know they are good enough and they matter.”

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